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Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 6

Worked on a family goal today. Today felt better, picked up my grandson Carter who is 5, took him shopping for cowboy boots, ended up with suspenders, jacket, cowboy hat and i will upload a pick for everyone to see how cute he is! He looked so handsome and even posed for me. I think i will attempt to pick up a grandchild every weekend and take them out, weather it be to play a game at grannies or eat, or shop depending on what else i need to do. Ideas are certainly welcome.
Had a very busy day at work and glad it's over, tomorrow off, and work on Sunday. Hoping to spend some time with my daughter on Sunday and go to the movies and see Dear John. We both read the book and enjoyed it I sure hope the movie is as good. Maybe I can invite my mother.

Tired.. ... until .......we meet again

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