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Things that are important to me are: God, my family, my children, my husband, adoption of sibling groups, hard to place children, movies, all crafts, painting murals, reading books, photographs, and learning something new.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 2

Today went fine was very busy and managed not to swear once. Did you ever wonder if one could swear politely? If so, how could you carry that out? You could say, Oh sugar, oh bugger, or dag nagget, I am pigged off are a few we can choose from. I think it is much easier to politely tell someone else to stop swearing then to politely swear however, until my need to say swear words subsides these are a few I will choose to use.
Today, I really fumbled up my schedule. Oh well, keeping positive thoughts going,  did you ever notice a schedule book without cancellations? Perfect scheduling for me is like training a puppy, you never know where a mess will occur. My mess occurred between Monday and Friday.  Tomorrow I will be attempting to fix it. The day was so busy not enough time to concentrate on much else. I did manage not to have any bad words with any family members Yahoo! Sometimes this alone can be a challenge. Spoke with an older sister,  after the phone call I felt empowered to make the changes in my life, and she helped me to figure out  I do not need to feel guilty for the choices I make. Talked with my mother who is older and suppose to have all the answers, but she didn't, all she could say to me was, I know I am suppose to have answers for you but not this time...