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Things that are important to me are: God, my family, my children, my husband, adoption of sibling groups, hard to place children, movies, all crafts, painting murals, reading books, photographs, and learning something new.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things to change in my life.

I have found a lot of articles and books on how to become a better person however, nothing seems to fit into what i would like to accomplish. By keeping this daily journal on my progress I may gain some new perspective not only from myself, but from others also. I hope I am able to begin to see my areas that need improvement from a third person perspective.
Please, feel free to post, give me tips, and enjoy this life improving journey with me, who knows maybe there will be something in this blog that fits your life too.

The things I want to improve on:
*I would like to eliminate all swearing from my vocab, this one is going to be tough!
*I would like to be a better at scheduling, have more time to spend with family!
*Improve on being the mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, friend and co-worker I would like to be.
*Improve all life and relationships.
*Increase all spirituality and religious knowledge.
*Increase the feelings of love, happiness and empathy in my life.
*Build trusting, lifelong friendships.
*Improve on ability to see things in a positive perspective.
*Help others more often.
*Becoming more satisfied with what i have, realizing what are needs vrs. wants and coming to grips with it, this is going to HURT! I am so guilty about having a lot of wants and knowing the difference and wanting it anyway!
*Building a better savings account.
*Finding the answers to life's mysteries.